An android widget project to bring the Cowon D3 clock to all android phones. It has now been downloaded over 1.6 million times. When Cowon released promotional materials for their D3 MP3 player, its clock widget caught my attention. I decided to make a clone for my home screen; thus was born the BobClockD3 project, an open source clone of the Cowon D3 clock.


The above image shows my original version and two modified versions from XDA forum members.
Blue version by XDA member gomorrah.
Green version by XDA member stone_ship.

Where do I get it?

BobClockD3 is now available in the market

bob clock d3 qr code

The original links are within the XDA thread, beware there is a large number of "what weather widget is that" posts -
Source code is available on github -