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Warzone 2100

Warzone 2100 is opensource build of the Pumpkin studios windows game. It is now under GPL and works cross platform. Event the soundtrack and films are distributable now.

tags: games opengl opensource

Horde3D - Next-Generation Graphics Engine

Horde 3d is a small opensource 3d engine with lots of fancy 3d features you would expect in a recent 3d engine. It is licensed under the Eclipse license

tags: 3dengine c++ opengl opensource


Open Liero is an opensource version of Liero that runs of the resources from the old windows version but makes it cross platfrom.

tags: games opensource


free opensource first person shooter based of the old Cube engine

tags: fps games opensource

OpenCity, another 3D city simulator

Open city is a 3d city simulator written in opengl and sdl using c++. Site contains a game programming tutorial based around the creation of the game.

tags: c++ games opengl opensource sdl


Wormux is a cross platform gpl came written in c++. It is basically a worms clone but looks pretty damn good and works well.

tags: c++ games opensource

Ubuntu games arena

Archived list of free and commercial games available on linux

tags: games opensource


Website of a nice man who makes some simple free opensource games. Nice example of c++ using sdl.

tags: c++ games opensource sdl