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Security Benefits - RequestPolicy

Firefox plugin to help mitigate risks by blocking cross-site requests, useful in conjuction with noscript if you really care about security

tags: firefox plugin security

vim-scmdiff - inline scm diff

Allows you to see all changes between SCM revision of file and current local file in vim.

tags: git plugin scm vim

a.vim alternate files quickly (.c --> .h etc

Allows you to use a key stroke or command to switch quickly between a header file and its implementation file. Very useful for c++ development

tags: c++ development plugin vim

Tag list vim plugin

A plugin for vim that uses ctags to show method/variable/class structures in side bar. Very usefull for c/c++ development in vim.

tags: c++ ctags plugin vim

marvim - Macro Persistent storage

Store your complex VIM macros for session independent later reuse

tags: macro plugin vim