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Lazy Foo' Productions

Lazy foo is a site with lots of basic 2d tutorials for using SDL in c++. Very good, and very simple.

tags: c++ sdl

SDL-Tutorials-Complete 2D Engine Overview

Site with a very basic overview of the major components that make up a complete 2d engine. Containts source code using SDL and opengl written in c++.

tags: c++ opengl sdl tutorial

OpenCity, another 3D city simulator

Open city is a 3d city simulator written in opengl and sdl using c++. Site contains a game programming tutorial based around the creation of the game.

tags: c++ games opengl opensource sdl

nehe opengl tutorials

Neon Helium (NeHe) is a site that contains a large number of opengl tutorial with the source code available for lots of different languages and frameworks. Very good for learning opengl.

tags: learning opengl sdl


Website of a nice man who makes some simple free opensource games. Nice example of c++ using sdl.

tags: c++ games opensource sdl