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ryanb's ruby-warrior

Game written in ruby for learning ruby and artificial intelligence. You need to write scripts to complete each level and move forward

tags: ai ruby

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Video lectures that accompany the SICP book by Hal Abelson and Gerald Jay Sussman. Guy makes this stuff interesting, which it is.

tags: lisp sicp

Essential Math for Games Programmers

Webpage containing an archived list of links to articles and slides about mathematics that is essential for games programmers to know.

tags: maths tutorial

Programming with Clutter

C++ tutorial guide to working with Clutter framework.

tags: c++ opengl

Private Members in JavaScript

Douglas Crockford article about how to recreate private member variables in javascript.

tags: javascript

C++ Portability Guide

Mozilla's guide for writing portable c++ code that works with all the compilers that they support. Basically a large list of things not to do or use.

tags: c++

Getting Real

Online version of the 37 Signals Book. It's basically a book version of a lot of their popular blog posts. Definitely worth a read.

tags: books ebook

Screen Tips - ArchWiki

Page in the Arch linux wiki that has a series of tips for effectively using screen.

tags: tutorial

Lazy Foo' Productions

Lazy foo is a site with lots of basic 2d tutorials for using SDL in c++. Very good, and very simple.

tags: c++ sdl

Grokking the GIMP

Free opensource book about understanding and using the gimp for image creation and manipulations.

tags: books ebook gimp

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