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ryanb's ruby-warrior

Game written in ruby for learning ruby and artificial intelligence. You need to write scripts to complete each level and move forward

tags: ai ruby

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Video lectures that accompany the SICP book by Hal Abelson and Gerald Jay Sussman. Guy makes this stuff intresting, which it is.

tags: lisp sicp

Essential Math for Games Programmers

Webpage containing an archived list of links to articles and slides about mathematics that is essential for games programmers to know.

tags: maths tutorial

Programming with Clutter

C++ tutorial guide to working with Clutter framework.

tags: c++ opengl

Private Members in JavaScript

Douglas Crockford article about how to recreate private member variables in javascript.

tags: javascript

C++ Portability Guide

Mozilla's guide for writing portable c++ code that works with all the compilers that they support. Basically a large list of things not to do or use.

tags: c++

Getting Real

Online version of the 37 Signals Book. It's basically a book version of a lot of their popular blog posts. Definitely worth a read.

tags: books ebook

Screen Tips - ArchWiki

Page in the Arch linux wiki that has a series of tips for effectively using screen.

tags: tutorial

Lazy Foo' Productions

Lazy foo is a site with lots of basic 2d tutorials for using SDL in c++. Very good, and very simple.

tags: c++ sdl

Grokking the GIMP

Free opensource book about understanding and using the gimp for image creation and manipulations.

tags: books ebook gimp

SDL-Tutorials-Complete 2D Engine Overview

Site with a very basic overview of the major components that make up a complete 2d engine. Containts source code using SDL and opengl written in c++.

tags: c++ opengl sdl tutorial

The Art of Unix Programming

Online version of The Art of Unix Programming book. Same as the print version from Addison Wesley. Good guide about creating application on unix, philosophies and things at the level of code and interaction with the unix kernel and subsystems.

tags: books ebook linux programming unix

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