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SDL-Tutorials-Complete 2D Engine Overview

Site with a very basic overview of the major components that make up a complete 2d engine. Containts source code using SDL and opengl written in c++.

tags: c++ opengl sdl tutorial

The Art of Unix Programming

Online version of The Art of Unix Programming book. Same as the print version from Addison Wesley. Good guide about creating application on unix, philosophies and things at the level of code and interaction with the unix kernel and subsystems.

tags: books ebook linux programming unix

GNOME Human Interface Guidelines

A riveting read about the human interface guidelines for creating desktop apps for gnome. Style, layout, common usage the usual sort of thing in a human interface guidelines

tags: gnome

Warzone 2100

Warzone 2100 is opensource build of the Pumpkin studios windows game. It is now under GPL and works cross platform. Event the soundtrack and films are distributable now.

tags: games opengl opensource

Horde3D - Next-Generation Graphics Engine

Horde 3d is a small opensource 3d engine with lots of fancy 3d features you would expect in a recent 3d engine. It is licensed under the Eclipse license

tags: 3dengine c++ opengl opensource


Open Liero is an opensource version of Liero that runs of the resources from the old windows version but makes it cross platfrom.

tags: games opensource

The Linux Game Tome

Information site on linux games, includes updates on latest versions and new games etc.

tags: games linux


free opensource first person shooter based of the old Cube engine

tags: fps games opensource

Game AI for Developers

A site dedicated to articles and interviews about game ai. Includes tutorials and info on a free ai library. Become way more premium content oriented as time has moved on. And not necessarily cheap for the hobbiest.

tags: ai

OpenCity, another 3D city simulator

Open city is a 3d city simulator written in opengl and sdl using c++. Site contains a game programming tutorial based around the creation of the game.

tags: c++ games opengl opensource sdl