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nehe opengl tutorials

Neon Helium (NeHe) is a site that contains a large number of opengl tutorial with the source code available for lots of different languages and frameworks. Very good for learning opengl.

tags: learning opengl sdl


Wormux is a cross platform gpl came written in c++. It is basically a worms clone but looks pretty damn good and works well.

tags: c++ games opensource

Ubuntu games arena

Archived list of free and commercial games available on linux

tags: games opensource


Website of a nice man who makes some simple free opensource games. Nice example of c++ using sdl.

tags: c++ games opensource sdl

Free Game Arts

website that contains links to free game content such as sounds, images and textures.

tags: games sounds textures


Free opensource worms like game, crossplatform.

tags: games

0 A.D. -- Wildfire Games

Very very good looking opensource RTS, under development for years and probably still a couple of years out of completion. Recently open sourced the entire project and making better progress

tags: c++ games rts

List of Physics Games » Fun-Motion

large list of tested and reviewed physics based games, free and non free, mostly non free/non open source.

tags: games

PokerTH - Community Portal

PokerTH is a well coded cross platform poker client with network protocol. Written in qt4 with c++

tags: c++ games poker qt

FreeCol - Home

Cross platform free open source game based on Colonization and similar to civilization.

tags: games